CONDUSEF warns about the impersonation of financial entities.

CONDUSEF warns about the impersonation of financial entities.

Once again, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF) issued an alert for fraudulent use and impersonation of financial entities.

The mechanism under which this fraud is carried out to users is as follows:

The modus operandi involves generating false entities, which use information such as company name, addresses, telephones, logos, typography and image of the real financial entities, so that whoever contacts you can show off as an employee.

Fraudsters offer loans to users of a financial institution, but because of this credit they are asked to grant an amount of money in advance for commissions from the same entity.

After requesting the users these advances of money, it is common that the person who contacted them from the beginning loses all contact, that is, they can not obtain any information regarding the situation of their supposed credit, neither by Facebook, nor by WhatsApp, or by the means that have contacted, so, when faced with this situation, users go to the CONDUSEF or the real financial institution.

Faced with this situation, the recommendation is not to provide any information to anyone who contacts you with the option of providing a credit, much less if it is through a social network, and if you want to obtain more information, go directly to the offices or the official telephones of the financial institutions.

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