PAN goes for the elimination of ISR.

PAN goes for the elimination of ISR.

The National Action Party (Partido Acción Nacional, PAN), proposed a new tax reform with the purpose to eliminate the collection of Income Tax for people with monthly incomes below $10,298.35 (Mexican pesos).

With this initiative, it seeks to recover the purchasing power of the working population in Mexico, as well as seek to close the poverty and inequality gap in Mexico.

However, let’s remember that the minimum wage already has a subsidy for the payment of ISR, so this measure will protect those who are above this salary payment.

This initiative is added to the debate table prior to the tax reform proposed by the incoming administration, adding to measures such as reducing the ISR rate to 20% and the double minimum wage increase in border areas, as well as the increase in gradual minimum wage in the rest of the country.

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