Foreign Trade

The services provided in this speciality area are approached from four perspectives:

  • Preventative audits to anticipate and solve possible economic contingencies in foreign trade, as well as detect administrative liabilities in a timely manner.
  • Support and representation in the reply and follow-up of requirements and audits by Mexican authorities.
  • Review of Inventory Control (Annex 24).
  • Advice for the submission of Administrative Procedures in Customs Matters (PAMAs).
  • Advice in the submission of Administrative Procedures for the Omission of Tax Payments, use and imposition of sanctions (Article 152 Customs Act).

Prevention and assistance for Tax Contingencies

Advice regarding Origin and Trade Agreements

  • Analysis of Treaties and Trade Agreements.
  • Customs valuation and tariff classification.
  • Verification of Criteria.
  • Determination and Certification of Origin for merchandise for any Treaty or Free Trade Agreement.
  • Processing of Advance Rulings on Certification of Origin of goods before authorities.
  • Support and representation for the response and follow-up of questionnaires and visits in matters concerning verification of origin.
  • Return of tax payments in matters of foreign trade.
  • Registrations and removal of suspension from the Registry of Importers and Exporters.
  • Certification of Companies.

Advising for Special Procedures

Consulting and Litigation

  • Challenges to Administrative Procedures in Customs Matters (PAMA’s).
  • Challenges to Administrative Procedures for Omission of Payments, Use and Imposition of Sanctions (Article 152 Customs Act).
  • Customs valuation and tariff classification.
  • Consultations with the authority in tariff classification matters.
  • Verification of Criteria.
  • Negotiation for obtaining resolutions.