Tax Law

The services we offer in this area of expertise are engaged from two angles:


Specialized advice with purposes that are both eminently preventative – avoiding future contingencies with various tax authorities, both local and federal – and projective, ensuring greater fiscal profitability in the specific field of activities of each of our clients.

  • Specialized advising for individuals (as partners, shareholders, independent professionals, landlords or with business activities) in order to validate due compliance with their tax obligations, as well as implement structures that allow for increased fiscal profitability, with full adherence to the law.
  • Analysis of business structures in order to implement strategies – with full adherence to the law – that allow for profitability in local and/or federal tax payments.
  • Preventative advising for financial and business projects in order to validate full compliance with applicable fiscal and legal obligations.
  • Assessment and investment structuring in foreign jurisdictions, for personal or business purposes.
  • Preparation, design and presentation for consultations – confirmation of criteria – with tax authorities.
  • Application and follow-up on different authorizations (e.g. Authorization to receive tax-deductible donations, tax incentives, among others).
  • Interpretation and application of International Treaties to avoid double taxation.
  • Review (due diligence) of compliance with tax provisions in the day-to-day operations of our clients.
  • Assistance and submission of information and documentation requested by local and/or federal tax authorities.
  • Support, review and implementation of fiscal-administrative controls that allow for greater return on the day-to-day management of a business or company.
  • Review, analysis and correction of company expenses disbursed, in the name and on behalf of partners.
  • Study of the correct application of tax legislation for the distribution of dividends.
  • The preparation and/or review of mandatory corporate-tax documentation for corporations (e.g. Capital increases, meeting minutes, share certificates).
  • Determination of a possible joint and several liability on behalf of the shareholders and/or company administrators, either in day-to-day operations or for the approval of financial statements.
  • Advice and training of officials for the three branches of the government.
  • Analysis and opinion of legislative proposals at the municipal, state and federal levels.


Implies the litigation practice of tax law at the federal and local levels through an infrastructure with national coverage.

  • Immediate and timely advice before the start of verification activities by the tax authorities, either through on-site visits, desk audits, sequential reviews (tax opinions) or electronic audits.
  • Assistance, follow-up and planning of audit procedures including the preparation of replies to specific requests, preparation of evidence and filing petitions.
  • Preparation and submission of motions for revocation before tax authorities.
  • Filing actions for annulment at the Federal Court of Administrative Justice.
  • Preparation and filing of Direct and/or Indirect petitions for relief by writ of Amparo.
  • Study and judicial defense against those laws (local and/or federal), regulations or decrees that cause damage to individuals.