Strategic Alliances

International alliance

ACPM is part of the international alliance EURO-LATAM Legal Alliance (ELLA), which joins diverse Boutique Legal Firms, leaders and trendsetters in their countries of origin, that with a shared vision of law, customer service and ethical standards, quality and professionalism.

The origin of this international alliance arose from the need to provide specialized legal service to one of the most important commercial markets with the highest growth and momentum globally: The European Community and Latin America.

The extensive experience and expertise of the Member Firms in their domestic markets allows their clients to develop – with greater speed and impact – their commercial operations in both regions, from the time the decision is made internally until the business is up and running, with an advisor that will support you throughout the process, both in the place of origin and in the target country.

The guiding framework and profile that each of the Member Firms shares, gives our clients peace of mind and confidence regarding adequate compliance with the standards both in the country of origin and in the target country, which allows strong development of trade that is both profitable and sustainable.

One of the primary characteristics that distinguishes Member Firms is the business approach that all legal advisors must have. The commercial momentum that globalization implies means that attorneys, in addition to mastering the legal framework in their specialty, must seek at all times to become the facilitators and drivers of business for their clients, detect areas for improvement in a timely manner and provide useful information to clients to make appropriate business decisions.

Legal alliances

At ACPM we maintain a close alliance and synergy with national and international companies, which let us provide a full service to our clients. These firms share our strict quality standards and service, apart from our guiding principles of professional ethics.