Tax crime for usurpation.

Tax crime for usurpation.

According to the recent amendment to the Fiscal Code of the Federation, published on June 1, 2018, which is implemented in article 110 of typified behavior, the cases of identity theft by any means, whether physical, documentary, electronic, optical, magnetic, or any kind of technology or use of names for registration in the Federal Taxpayers Registry.

For what was implemented, a sanction of three months to three years to who appears within the following assumptions:

  • To whom, by any physical, documentary, electronic, optical, magnetic means or any kind of technology, impersonate the identity, representation or personality of a taxpayer.

  • To whom, grant your consent to carry out the impersonation of your identity.

  • To whom, incite a natural person to register in the RFC for the use of data in an improper manner.

We believe that the state takes a step on prevention for the usurpation of identities, strengthening their systems, avoiding vulnerability and seeking certainty in the full identification of their users.

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