The dollar in banks drops to 18.80 derived from NAFTA and AMLO.

The dollar in banks drops to 18.80 derived from NAFTA and AMLO.

The Mexican peso closed at its best level against the dollar since April 19, all this, since Mexico presented a proposal to the United States about the implementation of various rules in relation to the manufacture of cars, as well as a positive effect regarding comments by President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The foregoing represents that the national currency leaves aside the losses suffered recently, against a dollar that day by day is strengthened by an increase in the risk of a possible trade war between the United States and China, which has become even more dormant thanks to the recent declarations of loved nations.

The wholesale dollar reached a sale price of 18.4990 pesos, which represents a gain of 0.33% compared to the previous official closing, according to Banxico. During the session, the exchange rate reached a maximum level of 18.50 pesos per dollar, while it had a minimum of 18.46 pesos per dollar.

Meanwhile, in dollar windows the dollar was sold at 18.80 pesos, that is, five cents cheaper compared to the close of last Friday, August 3, while the purchase was offered at 18.00 pesos, according to quotes made by Citibanamex, while in BBVA Bancomer the dollar closed at 18.86 pesos on sale and 17.79 pesos at the time of purchase.

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